About Oxxford Clothes

Oxxford feels like no other because our garments are made like no other. Hand-stitched lapels and collars shape the cloth and inner linings together to create a graceful and elegant line. Hand basted shoulders and armholes, featuring a reverse chain stitch maintains the armscye rather than a binding tape which affords a softer feel and impeccable fit. All of these artisan methods contribute to the extraordinary suppleness and softness that you experience with Oxxford. Coupled with hand tailoring methods with the finest textiles, canvasses, shoulder pads, linings, silk thread, pocketing and more, results in a magnificent suit of clothes.

The Making

The foundation of an Oxxford suit is rooted in impeccable construction created in Chicago USA. Each suit is individually cut by hand; plaids and stripes are matched at all seams, even those that aren’t exposed; all coat buttons are made of horn; buttonholes are hand-stitched. Collars and lapels are hand-stitched with 2,950 stitches or more to ensure shape and balance. Of the 165 steps involved in producing a suit jacket, 33 involve pressing. After a suit is completed, the final pressing by hand takes over an hour.

Only natural fibers are used in the creation of our clothing. These fabrics are selected from the finest mills in Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Oxxford pieces can be found in specialty shops across the United States along with our showroom in Chicago and our flagship store in New York.

Our Dedication

We are a company steeped in tradition and pride ourselves in being an American treasure. With reverent attention to detail, Oxxford takes no shortcuts. Our workmanship elevates a craft into art by putting dozens of hours into each custom garment. From cutting the pattern to each stitch that is used, we still employ the same techniques tailors have used for generations. When there’s a better way to make a suit, we will change. Until then, we will remain faithful to the quality that only a hand-tailored, Oxxford suit can deliver.


Here at Oxxford we bring you the ultimate highest quality custom experience offering you USA’s only true bespoke garments. It begins with an initial fitting with your tailor, or at the Chicago Factory with detailed measurements and observations in body shape and preferences. A comprehensive review of textiles and a fabric selection along with a conversation in style is next. Your second fitting will ensure an impeccable fit, and revisions will be noted in sleeves and trouser inseams for the best placement. Finally, a final fitting is completed and the delivery of your unique garment.

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