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How to Dress Well Effortlessly

Looking stylish doesn’t have to require loads of pre-planning your outfits and watching all the fashion content in the world to keep up with the latest trends. In fact, the key to being stylish is investing into a timeless wardrobe that works for you. Here’s how to build your wardrobe so that you can look fresh even on the laziest days.

Know Your Body Type

Finding pieces that work well for your body type is a simple tip that helps you look refined and put together regardless of the outfit. Making sure your clothes fit well and taking extra time to check if your hem ends where it looks best, or if your shirt could use a size down saves time on having to style your outfit in order for it to look good. Tailoring doesn’t just apply to custom suits but all your clothes. If it fits well, it’ll look good with no effort.

Focus on Quality Essentials

If there’s anything you want to splurge on in your closet, it’s your basics. Spending a little extra cash on the perfect white T-shirt or denim instead of any random men’s clothing store sales items is what gives you an extra flare that turns your casual looks into timeless, classic outfits. Build a wardrobe with good quality essentials that fit you perfectly for those days where you have no time to put together something new.

Dress For The Occasion

You don’t want to be the dude wearing a suit to the beach. Changing the style of your outfit depending on the event helps you look more cohesive with your environment and prevents you from looking out of place and silly. Have a few go to looks for events or occasions that frequently occur in your life to make sure that you have an outfit that hits no matter where you go.

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